Class details

The soccer speed performance training is focuses on building speed, strength, power, quickness, and endurance specifically for the soccer athlete. Also creating increase in mobility and flexibility to decrease injury potential. That combines strength, speed, agility, and flexibility along with proper nutrition and recovery strategies that are essential to spending more time on the field and less time on the bench. With individualized programs allow athletes to maximize their physical abilities while training specifically for the demands of their position and roles on their team.

EVO SPORTS LAB know what it takes to compete in any level and training, nutrition, and recovery strategies needed to build speed, endurance, strength, and agility to succeed on the pitch and gain maximize results off the field. Whether you play soccer, football, futbol or futsal .

Evo Sports Lab will help you achieve your maximum performance.

Sessions will entail the following:

  • ·Speed & Agility
  • ·Strength & Power ( Soccer related)
  • ·Flexibility
  • ·Mental Preparing
  • *Nutrition
  • ·Nutrition plan to meet body composition goals
  • ·On-site food services
  • ·Game day nutrition strategies
  • ·Pre- and Post-training nutrition

All training programs are customized to meet individual training goals and are based on pre-training assessments of Evo Sports Lab experience, nutrition consultation, physical therapy, and evaluations.

Class Trainer

Fredy Herrera

NSCAA License is the product of Colombia Youth Soccer Development Once Caldas academy. Herrera held ...